Scrinkle is a twenty year old man going through his second year of college to learn animation.


thedoctorofthedead asked
If you could draw a happy banana I would be delighted.


Almost done with this sketchbook.

Drew a whole bunch of stuff, animals, the fox and lizard I draw a lot for some reason, goblins, a few people even. Just trying to draw down everything before it’s all filled up.

Type: Dark
Ability: Run Away
The Energetic Pokemon
Anuppy will bite into anything to see if its edible.

Type: Dark
Ability: Cursed Body
The Ritual Pokemon
Long ago, Hyubis helped with the burial procedures for royalty.


Monday is over. It’s been over for well over thirty minutes.

This means requests are now closed.

So don’t ask for anything.

If you see a drawing and it has ‘requests’ in the tags, that doesn’t mean you missed an announcement or anything, that me finishing up all the requests I’ve gotten.

Also, Australian who asked me to draw their fursona; you are late now, It is Tuesday. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Yeah, don’t offer a link or a name even, I’ll just search through your blog for a reference of what I can only assume might be your OC,

I laugh, but i got a leather jacket too.

I look just as lame in it.