Essential Avant-Garde Noise


New cartoon! Fair warning, you may hate the music.

Still working on that animation!

I don’t draw digitally a whole lot and I should change that.


A late birthday gift for Scrinkle!

Fabulously late fabulous art from a totally fab guy! Thanks!

I finally got around to getting a sketchbook. so here’s the first pages from it.


A Sylvie for the birthday boy, scrinkle.

What a Cutie! Thanks Jon!


A musical satyr for scrinkle! Happy birthday bro!

Oh man, this is just lovely. It’s swell mang, thanks!

Never too early for a resolution (or too late, depending how you look at it). This is just the rough draft, in case you couldn’t tell.

Mark my words, some time next year, these twelve pages will be a whole damn novel about the life of a correctional counselor. it’s gonna be big.


Scrinkle-verse orc! I bet you can’t guess who’s having a birthday soon.


It’s wonderful. It’s so wonderful! Thank you Sticky!

Originally, these gifs were all 1920 x 1080, but I resized them to 550 x 400 for this darn site. It’s gonna look a bit different from the stuff you’ve been seeing.

More abstract stuff. Might not do this for a while actually. I’m gonna work on some other stuff.